Van and Light

    Sprinter van, Shelved and Loaded
    Ford E-250 van, Shelved and Loaded

    HMI K5600 Joker 800
    HMI Arri Par 1200
    HMI Strand Fresnel 1200
    Chimera speed ring and banks sm, med, lg
    Kinoflo 4x4, Diva 400, Diva 200
    Lite Panel 1x1 Astra 6x
    Lite Panel MiniPlus for On-board camera

    Arri Fresnel 300 and 650
    Arri Open Face 1k and 2k
    Mole Fresnel 200 inki and 1k baby
    Mole Zip 2k
    Strand Ellipsoidal 750
    Barger BagLight 6k
    Chimera speed ring and banks sm, med, lg

    4x4 Matthew Shiny Board
    3x4 Sun-Bounce
    4x6 Sun-Swatter
    6x6, 8x8, 12x12 Butterfly Set
    12X12 Green Screen
    42" Flag Set with Floppy
    18x24" 24x36" Flag set
    C-Stands, Junior/Baby stands
    Sand Bags, Apple Boxes
    AC Cables

    Suction Mounts for Car Rigging
    Rosco Fog Machine
    Mottled Gray Muslin
    Honda Generator 1k and 2k
    Magliner Dolly with Shelves

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